Presentation of Cevennes Wines

Les Claux des Tourettes exists since the thirties.

In the beginning there were two cellars. One, the Claux, got its name from the vineyards that often were embraced by bushes and small trees. The system protects the soil and helps to maintain the soil at place.


The other cellar, Tourettes, got its name from two ancient small towers built in the village. They were built to protect the inhabitants from invasions. In French, Tourette means small tower.

Les Claux des Tourettes now produces about 45 000 hecto liter of wine each year: red, rosé and white. The main Denominations of Origin (IGP) are Cévennes and Pays d’Oc.The 700 hectares are cultivated by 70 wine growers and covers 23 rurals districts.